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Adventure Link: Where is God from?
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equiping Minister, Covenant Community Church on May 2, 2003, 13:52

The Adventure Link
Tough Questions and Helpful Answers

Where did God come from? What was He doing before He created the universe?

Now that is that kind of question that will give you an ache in your brain.

These questions assume that everything, including God, is subject to the limitations of time and space, as man is;  that there is nothing outside of time and space, an assumption that the scientific community has questioned and virtually dismissed since Albert Einsteinís theory of relativity.

Einstein showed that time can actually be altered, slowed down, speeded up, when objects begin to travel at extremely high speeds. This would suggest that the common concept that all things originate and operate within the context of fixed time and space, that nothing exists outside of time and space, is not necessarily correct.

Since through the years that has become accepted as solid science it gives us the proper framework to at least ponder your questions.  While not totally understandable, the facts do make it easier to accept the biblical teaching that God exists outside of time and space as we know it (Psalms 90:4; Colossians 1:17; II Peter 3:8).

If indeed time and space is realitive, then we surely don't have the ability to guess at an answer. To accept that God exists outside the time and space framework as we know it renders any question of where He came from and what He was doing before He created what we know as the universe totally meaningless.

These questions might be legitimate if God is subject to time and space, which He is not. The Bible teaches that God is not bound by time or space, and that He has not chosen to reveal to us (from our perspective) all that took place before He created the universe. It is important to understand this, because if we begin to regulate God to working and creating within the boundaries of time and space as we understand them, then we are also lessening the awesome majesty of God, which of course we just can't do.

Wow, told you that it might cause you to scratch your noggin. All of the above was to say and summarize the answer in this way...."I don't know"

The adventure continues...

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