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Air Jordan
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Mar 1, 2000, 13:14

Here is the question: Who was the last person to hold Michael Jordan to under twenty points in a game? The answer (and punch line): North Carolina Tar Heel Coach, Dean Smith.

Almost everyone on the planet knows the name Michael Jordan (they know him on other planets as well if you saw the movie Space Jam in which Jordan starred with Bugs Bunny). He is considered by many to be one of , if not the greatest basketball players around. Yet you might be surprised to find out that he averaged a meager 17.7 points per game in three years at the University of North Carolina, not once did he score over 40 points in a game. Was he playing on his knees to give everyone else a chance or what?

Actually, Jordan did everything his coach wanted him to. The Tar Heel style of play emphasized lots of passing and teamwork. He filled his role. Jordan was responsible for making a huge impact at North Carolina. As a freshman in 1982 he made the shot that beat Georgetown for the National Championship. But there were other stars at the school during Jordanís years. People like James Worthy, Sam Perkins, Brad Daugherty and Kenny Smith to name a few.

Amazingly enough Jordan wasnít even the first player taken in the NBA draft. Hakeem Olajawon (another superstar) from Houston and Sam Bowie (a very nice person) from Kentucky were chosen before Jordan. The Chicago Bulls wanted a center in the draft but ended up with a scrawny guard. Once he arrived in the NBA Michael Jordan proved himself to be something special. That may have been because he arrived in Chicago in the 80s and had to do everything, and he didóaveraging over 30 points a game. But remember this, once he got to the NBA he became a better player. His outside shot improved, he became stronger. He learned to explode toward the other words, he worked hard. Thatís the problem with being a superstar...everyone thinks it is easy.

It is March, in college basketball this is the time of year known as March Madness. It is the time when the race for the championship is concluded and that is exciting (if you like basketball). But there is something more exciting about this March...this is the month we celebrate Easter.

Easter, the day that death was defeated and we could have a relationship with God Himself; the day that reminds us that it is never over and there is hope again; the day that reminds us that now because of Him and His love, we are something special.

My prayer is that you would celebrate Easter this year in a way you never have before and remember the lesson of Michael Jordan, becoming is a process. You may be pretty good right now, but you arenít what you are going to be...never be content with staying where you are...keep growing...keep striving...keep reaching...

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