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Awkward Eulogies
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister, Covenant Community Church on Jan 28, 2003, 10:01

Awkward Christian Soldiers

We are wrapping up this series about some of the funny stuff that happens to church folks, when they least expect it. Before we share today's tales remember to check out the latest installment in our MOMENTUM series. This week the topic is RISK and you will find the celebration worship study and a new devotion on-line. You also can download worship and burn your own CD's of Worship @ the Warehouse. Take advantage of this feature of the CCC website...and of course it is can't beat the price.

Today both short stories come from the same preacher in Kentucky who seems to get tongue tied at funerals...he writes....

Arriving at the graveside, I recited the 23rd Psalm. I then planned on closing in prayer. I started, "Will you prease play with me?-uh-will you play with me prease?-uh-uh-bow your heads"

Of course that is more than enough to start the snickers, especially when everyone is emotional and trying to keep it together. But wait, there is more from the same preacher.....

"one of our elders died and I was trying to convey the thought that those of us who are younger owe a debt of gratitude to the older soldiers who have BLAZED the TRAIL. I said instead, those who have TRAZED the BAILS...uh....TRAILED the BLAZE....well....BLAIZED the TRAZES....finally I moved on to something that I could say, "lets pray!"

Words can sometimes get lost on the way from our brains to our mouths. And when that happens you never know what might be said. Remember that as you deal with people today and this week. Many times what is said is misunderstood, not heard just right, or might have been misspoken. Learn to take the high road and give people a chance. Make sure that you listen and respond to others with a style, grace, and integrity that brings honor to Jesus.

Think about it
The adventure continues....

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