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Information Pages

Contact Us and Visit Us

We would love for
you to come and Visit Us!


Celebration Worship
10:15 am on Sunday


SonRise Bible Study
9:00 am on Sunday


Mid-Week Ministries
Wednesday Evenings

Here is an overview of the many ways to get to CCC













Here is the the detailed look...We are easy to find!












We are located just off of 17-92 on Ronald Reagan Blvd. We are in the warehouse district right behind Longwood Lincoln Mercury. Turn off of Ronald Reagan on Pen Ave.  The Church is located at 5325 Pen Avenue, it's the second warehouse on the left. Look for the signs that say Worship @ the Warehouse


By Mail:

C.C.C. Ministries World Headquarters
P.O. Box 951958 
Lake Mary, FL 32795

Building is located on 5325 Pen Ave, in Sanford, Florida 32773 

By Phone/Fax:

(407) 324 - 0203
To send a fax, press 6 at the menu.  Our menu will provide you with a directory to our staff. Something is always happening at CCC so if you get the automated system just relax and leave a message. We are always close and checking the message system.

Another fantastic way to connect with and contact us is by E-mail:

Generic e-mail:

Jeff Dixon is our Senior Equipping Minister. His ministries include worship, preaching, teaching, adult, education, administration

- Jeff Dixon's e-mail:

LeeAnn Stayer is our Associate Minister. Her ministries include education, women, community events, Horizon Ministries

- LeeAnn Stayer's e-mail:

Michael Simmonds is our Associate Pastor. His ministries include worship, children education, celebration worship team

- Michael Simmonds' e-mail :

Richard Israel is our Minister to students.  His ministries include worship, teaching and students.

-Richard Israel's e-mail:


Mr. Marc Percy- Director of Internet Ministries e-mail: - Use this e-mail for more information about our website, internet ministries or if you have trouble with this site.



Supporting our Ministry

Our mission is To touch and change the world with the love of Jesus Christ, and our website is a very important part of that equation. We have had over 1 million hits on our website coming from All 50 states and 138 countries. People worship, download, and listen to CCC Cyberministries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via our online worship services and Bible studies. If you would like to be a part of this ministry, click the button that is located at the bottom of all the screens of the website, that read "Support our Ministry". 

Your support is tax deductible and we will be happy to furnish you with a giving statement, upon request. We utilize PayPal for the collection of online donations. PayPal is a free, secure service that will let you pay via credit card or direct withdrawl from your checking account. Ebay recently purchased PayPal, and Ebay is one of the Internet's most popular and trusted sites. For more information about PayPal, visit their website. We also accept cash or checks via the mail, if you prefer that over the online method. Please send them to the address above. 

We also encourage you to sign up and be a CCC supporter through the i-give donation program. If you do a lot of on-line shopping this is a way to support the ministry of CCC as many stores on-line will contribute a percentage of their sales to non profit organizations. The links to sign up are on this page. It costs you nothing but goes to support the ongoing ministry of CCC!

Thank you and God bless. 
CCC Cyberministries...Covenant Community Church

* Call about specific Mid-Week Ministry times and schedule as we celebrate Family Weeks periodically at CCC. During those weeks there are no Mid-Week Events taking place.

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