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Unstoppable - Questions - Session Two
Posted by Jeff Dixon, Transformational Architect, CCC Ministries on Aug 16, 2011, 13:22

Starting Where You Are
(Unstoppable  Session 2)

Judges 3:31
Judges 5:6-8


In this series we have been taking some moments to journal some ideas. These are some notes that might be helpful for you journaling from session two : Starting Where You Are!


We discovered that all of us make a decision to start in...

The Sacred Place


Wherever "here" is, that's where you've got to start.

If you're in Paris,  Texas, there's no point in saying, "I want to start in Paris, France"


If you have a dream or a calling to fulfill, don't wait until you can get to the Big  City. Start building now, right where you are. Start planning, preparing,  creating and constructing. Start here, start now.


Journal Question : Where is your sacred place?

Where is the place that God has placed you to start right now doing what He has called you to do?


Gummi Bear Principle : You can't undo yesterday, but  you can start where you are, and you can start today.



We also discovered that just like there is a place where God has you there is a moment when you decide to start living for Him...that place is...

The Sacred Now


There is no telling how much more effective and successful you and  I could be if we could grasp the importance of the Sacred Now, this  very moment of time that is, and that will never be again.


What do you want to do someday? Don't wait. Start now. Don't put  off living. Live now.


This very moment that you now inhabit is a sacred moment, the  Sacred Now.

This moment, this  heartbeat, is in your hands, and you may do with it what you will-but  once it is spent, you will never get it back.


Journal Question and Prayer: What is it that God wants you to start doing now? (Maybe you have been offering excuses of why you can't be obedient...but the day to start is right now)


Pray : God show me what to do and let me start today. Forgive me offering excuses and putting off until later what you want me to do right now!


Gummi Bear Principle : "Though no one can go  back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and  make a brand-new ending."


One of CCC's Core DNA values : it's never too late to be what you might have been.



Gummi Bear Principle : "Regret is an  appalling waste of energy; you can't build on it; it's only for wallowing  in."




Our last discovery was that when we decide that now is the time to start we anchor back to the reason we are getting ready to do what we do...out of obedience. That means that what we do is...

The Sacred Act


But  what could Shamgar do?

Though he was only one man, he couldn't stand idly  by as the Philistines burned the fields of his neighbors and plundered  his nation. The Philistines had invaded his land one time too many-enough   was enough!


When Shamgar decided to attack the Philistines, he had no assurance   that his mission would succeed.


He knew that the odds were  against him, and that he was likely to fail and die in the attempt. But  Shamgar was a leader.


He did what leaders do: he made a decision to act,  regardless of the personal cost, regardless of the chances of success.


Shamgar also demonstrated an important principle of leadership:  You can't be a leader tomorrow if you are not a leader today.


Journal question : Do you do the things you do each day as an act of worship?

If not...why not?

If not...when will you start?



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