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Information Pages

The CCC e-letter

Covenant Community Church

This Is My Story

The journey of transformation begins with an very real and sometimes painful question for some ... "am I
willing to be honest with myself?"
This question is the beginning point for taking a real look at your life and then discovering the direction
you need to go in order to live the life that God created you to live.
This 4 week series is designed to help you answer that question.
You will have the chance to see your life as a story, see where you have come from, and how the plot of
your life is unfolding. Using the metaphor of "a story" you will see yourself in a brand new way...and get
ready to take the next step in following Jesus.
This course is taught by LeeAnn Stayer and Jeff Dixon
Recorded in CORE @ The Warehouse

Click the link below to listen & download each session


Mid-Week Wrap Up Wednesday Night
This is the final week of our current rotation.  Dinner will be delivered here to make life a little
easier for you. Students be here at 6:00 for Surge on the Road.
5:45          Huey Magoo’s delivered
6:00          Surge on the Road (students 6th-12th grade)
7:00          KICKStart for Kids (birth—3rd grade)
7:00          FireWire (4th-5th grade)
7:00          Prayer and Share for adults
7:30          Core Group for adults
Order your Huey Magoo’s dinner by filling out an envelope at the Welcome Table and dropping
it in the giving box.
One week from this coming Sunday
Men, join us for the annual CCC Super Bowl Party here @ the Warehouse.  Bring good food, a
comfy chair and a hearty appetite.
(TAG is designed for 18-25 yr olds)
TAG is headed to SAK comedy club Friday, Feb. 8th.  Please meet at the club at 7pm or the warehouse to
carpool at 6pm. Tickets are $15 or $12 with a Florida or Student ID. RSVP to Kelly by Feb. 1st so she
can make reservations!
Magic 107.7 Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, March 30 from 9:30—noon at Reiter Park
More information coming soon, but for now please be on the lookout for shank buttons.  We
need about 500 of them.  A shank button is a button with a loop on the back.  We are looking for
plastic ones in fun, kid friendly colors and shapes.   
Giving Statements
If you need a copy of your giving statement please e-mail LeeAnn at or write your name and “giving statement” on the Welcome to
Covenant section of this flyer and place it in the giving box. We can e-mail it to you  or have it
ready for you to pick up here at the Warehouse in a few weeks. 


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