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The Rarest Form of Courage : Now What?
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Transformational Architect, CCC Ministries on Feb 4, 2011, 14:00

DNA - Now What?
The Rarest Form of Courage

You might want to print this page out or grab a journal and jot down your answers to the following questions as you take the next step in your study.

There is no one else like you...there really isn't!

It is never too late to be who you might have been but in order to get there you must start by taking an honest look at who you are.

So...who are you? Do you know?

Which of the following 3 phrases BEST describes where you are on your journey through life right now ( honest with yourself)

1) I am currently trying to figure out who I am
2) I am trying to figure out who I was meant to be
3) I am stuck in the middle of knowing who I am and trying to be who God wants me to be


Think back over the study called The Rarest Form Of Courage. In the study we looked closely at how David had to choose to either wear Saul's armor or choose to be what he was most comfortable being. Have you ever had to make a choice like that? What choice or choices in your life does the story remind you of?


Change gears just a bit...let's get into how YOU are wired just a bit...

When you think about the character of Jesus, what are some of the words that come to mind?

(ex: loving, compassionate, determined, passionate, etc)
Look at the list of words you wrote down about Jesus and now circle the ones that describe your own character.

The words you circled gives you a hint or glimpse of some ways you are similar to Jesus.

Now honestly, what do you think God has designed you to accomplish in your life?

How are you going about fulfilling that destiny?


If you want to talk about this more take a moment and drop Jeff Dixon an e-mail at  You can ask a question, offer some additional thoughts, or even ask something else about your journey of faith. Please make sure your reference "Courage" in the subject line when you write.

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