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Independence Day
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Transformational Architect, CCC Ministries on Jul 4, 2010, 15:49

Independence Day


John Adams wrote to his wife Abigal the following:

"The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable in the history of America. I am apt to believe it will be celebrated by the succeeding generations as the Great Anniversary Celebration."


On July 4th Congress met for only one item of business.

Thomas Jefferson had been charged with writing the official Declaration of Independence, and the delegates came to debate the contents and approve the final wording.


It had been widely discussed before the meeting and many had input into what to add or delete. Jefferson was as much an editor as an author. He had borrowed the phrasing from a number of declarations and charters that he loved and held in esteem, he listened to the voices of influence and edited along the way.


The temperatures rose and the debate over language got heated as well.

The temperature was hot in Philadelphia that day and as the delegates mopped their brows, the windows of Independence Hall were opened to catch any breeze that might stir. Instead of a breeze, through the windows came an invasion of giant horseflies from a nearby stable.


As the hungry horseflies descended on the founding fathers debate ceased. One tormented delegate rose to suggest the declaration seemed suitable to him. A motion of approval followed and was quickly passed. The delegates swatted their way out of the building.


History doesn't always unfold like you imagine does it?


The signing of the declaration began on August 2nd.

Some members were present, many were in the days ahead they would drift in and sign.


The final signature was not in placed until January 18, 1777


Independence happened on July 2nd

The declaration occured on July 4th

The official signing began on August 2

Additional signatures were added until January....



The Declaration of Independence, which touched off the American Revolution, closes with these words: "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes ,and our sacred Honor


What does that mean to each of us in America?


You are here because of the willingness of others to sacrifice

To give something of themselves....


Someone once said, The life that is most powerfully lived is the one that finds passionate urgency fueled by destiny.


I believe as followers we should live powerful lives...lives that have a passionate urgency fueled by destiny.


As I think of the celebration of Independence I am reminded of the freedom I have because of the lives of others. I am reminded of the responsibiliy I have to live my life so that others might be impacted. I am reminded that I have the responsibility to live for Jesus in a way that will change the world.


His sacrifice to me allows me to live with the freedom and security of knowing my future.


Celebrate your freedom!




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