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Posted by CCC Studios on Apr 28, 2010, 15:27



This thrilling western pits the Dusty Bottom Gang against the townspeople of Lost Gultch. As the gang threatens the town once again they are forced to make a choice, will they risk facing this dangerous gang or simply give in?

The Film - As Chosen in Worship
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Below are additional resources that help you understand and process what it means to become the risk-taking, unleashed, and untamed follower of Jesus Christ that you were created to be.


RISK Unpacked!
The call to "follow Jesus" is a call to adventure and excitement. It involves risk.

In this celebration worship experience you discover one of the most unusual passages in all of the Bible and how it applies to our life and journey of faith.

If we are going to fulfill the destiny God created us for then we are going to have to learn how "risk" is a part of that journey. In this worship event we begin to unpack some of the concepts that all risk takers must know.

You can read the notes from the Bible Study itself by clicking the link below

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