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Posted by on Feb 4, 2010, 09:59

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GPS-God Positioning System


Direction, direction, direction...we live in world where people are needing direction.


Whether you realize it or not we all have within a GPS-a God Positioning System. The GPS in our lives is always working trying to get us on course and moving in the direction that will bring us the life we were created to live. Sometimes we listen, sometimes we follow it, sometimes...well, we just need a little help. If you are needing a bit of encouragement, good news, and practical direction then this is the podcast for you!


This podcast features the teaching of Jeff Dixon, The Transformational Architect and Equipper of Covenant Community Church located in Central Florida. He is an innovative leader and creative communicator and you are invited to listen in as he shares how to position your life a direction to live the life you were created to live

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