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The Key to the Kingdom
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister, Covenant Community Church on Dec 27, 2009, 05:50

Jeff Dixon's New Novel, The Key to the Kingdom


Key to the Kingdom is Jeff Dixon's latest book. This novel is creating a great deal of is an adventure mystery for Disney fans of all ages!

 Every locked door holds something behind it . . .

The story:
Grayson Hawkes learns how imaginative and elaborate Walt Disney World is when he accepts an invitation one sunny day from a trusted friend landing him in a world he never knew existed.  Barely escaping a late night encounter, he finds himself desperately trying to solve a mysterious disappearance while trying to stay ahead of those who are chasing him.  He navigates through the kingdom where knowledge of seemingly unimportant Disney facts and some divine help are the only way he can discover the lock that can only be opened by an ancient key. His world becomes even more complicated when he is captivated by mysterious woman, causing him to make a series of choices that takes his faith to the brink. Within the walls of Walt Disney World is more mystery than one imagination can contain. Here Disney Trivia is not a game; and the ancient key is the only way out!

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The author:
Jeff Dixon was raised in Florida and has always been fascinated with the man Walt Disney and the theme park he created.  Dixon feels that any guest who would take the time to look would discover a story that will never be completed.  It is against this canvas that Dixon paints this mystery, adventure, and thriller. The epic drama carries the reader across the state of Florida to discover details that most people have missed. Each discovery and revelation will have the reader wondering if they are reading fact or fiction.  In a quickening pace, the characters find themselves on a collision course with an unthinkable outcome!  Fans of Walt Disney will love the history and tourists will find a travel guide that takes them on a trip most guests never get to take. 

Key to the Kingdom is the first novel offered by Jeff Dixon and is loaded with more truth than The Da Vinci Code !

Jeff is the Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church and an Annual Passholder at Walt Disney World.


If you would like more information about obtaining copies of the book, if you have questions concering the mystery, or wish to contact the author about book signings, book clubs, etc...please do so at



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