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Information Pages

My Christmas Dream

Christmas Dreams

Christmas Dreams is the newest Horizon Ministry of Covenant Community Church. The vision is to create a place where it is Christmas all year long. The mission is to make sure that no child ever has to miss Christmas and that in the midst of serious situations a place of hope, encouragement, and joy can still be found.




Can you imagine a place like this?
Click the video link below and begin to imagine with us

Watch the Teaser - Imagine
Click Here


The Dream Begins

Christmas Dreams began in 2007, in 2008 the Dream Team was put together and the dream began to come into clearer focus. Eventually these ideas became sketches that contained a vision for what this very special place might look like. 



Unpacking the Dream

In December of 2008 we began to unpack the dream and explain the journey this dream had taken as it begin to come to life.

Below you can find the video of this hour long look at Christmas Dreams which features the videos on this webpage as well as an explanation of the images and drawings of Christmas Dreams

Sonrise Session on Christmas Dreams
Watch: Click Here

You can also listen to Unpacking the Dream and download your very own copy to listen to again or share with a friend.

Listen: Click Here (Right-Click and Save As to download)



A Spark of Creativity

Christmas Dreams is becoming a reality. Sparks is helping to make the dream come true. To find out more and explore some of the ways the dream-makers at Sparks work check the link below


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