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CCC "Short" Film Festival!
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, CCC Ministries on Sep 4, 2007, 16:09

CCC "Short" Film Festival!

This is a movie gallery that features a variety of "STUFF" created for the ministry of CCC. There are some teasers, some illustrations, and more all listed on this film festival page. Take a few moments and scroll down the screen and enjoy some of these moments from CCC Ministries.

Video Introduction To Teaching Series at CCC.

CSI: The Empty Tomb
Video Introduction To Teaching Event that CCC led at Easter. This Celebration Worship event has been used as a model across the country. Type in CSI in the search page of the website for more resources.

Voyage of the Endurance
Video Teaser for an immersive worship event at CCC

Unique Egg Hunt
Video Introduction To Teaching Event where we actually take a journey through "easter eggs" as our culture has defined them.

Stay Tuned
Teaser For Upcoming Event at CCC that featured classic television shows.

Road Trip
Teaser For Upcoming Event at Covenant that followed an important moment in history and allowed each of us to become part of that journey

Teaser For Upcoming Series that was featured at CCC

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning
Video Resource created in the aftermath of September 11th, this is one of a variety of resources that are often used by ministries on Patriot Day each year


Video Illustration that ask some important questions about the way you live life and the way you deal with others. Lots of fun and one that you will enjoy!

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