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Shining Gloriously!
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister, CCC Ministries on Jul 6, 2007, 13:33

 Shining Gloriously!

You expect a $274 million building to shine and L.A.'s new Walt Disney Concert Hall does. Frank Gehry's landmark creation of shimmering stainless steel is marvelous to behold.


People living in a condominium facing the structure agree that the view is glorious, but the glory becomes overpowering when the sun shines at midday. Portions of the gleaming concert hall reflect brilliantly into the windows of the condominium.


Soon, the temperature rises as much as 15 degrees, forcing residents to get off their patios, draw the blinds and turn on the air conditioner, until the sunlight shifts.











































"You couldn't even see and then the furniture would get really hot," said Jacqueline Lagrone, 42, who lives on the fourth floor of the Promenade Residences. "You would have to literally close the drapes, and you'd still feel warmth in the house."


As Disney officials look for a way to dull the glare, they placed mesh blankets over the mirror-like steel. While this diminished the problem, everyone agrees it looks terrible, and a more permanent solution is necessary.


How often we are tempted to tone down God's demands and reduce the glare of holiness so we can live more comfortably?



Now if you want to know how the problem was evenutally solved...follow the link below and check out the Reflection Problems will find that their solution to the problem also has spiritual implications as well...


Don't allow the brilliance, radiance, and glory of God to be toned down in your life!



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