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Visible, Vibrant, and Vital
Posted by Jeff Dixon on Jan 2, 2006, 16:35

Visible, Vibrant, and Vital

The Church Moves Beyond the Cutting Edge

By Jeff Dixon



Visible, Vibrant, & Vital is the voyage of the church as it moves beyond the cutting edge and reclaims  its place as the shaper and molder of our culture. It is best seen as the journey of the church into the future…or the future as it can be. In the pages of this book you will read a Vision in 3-V (that is typed correctly, it is 3-V instead of 3-D) for the church as it lives up to the potential that Jeff Dixon believe embodies  the call of God in the culture surrounding us. This 3-V Vision is best understood with three V’s because there are three essential steps for the church to claim the future. Simply stated the church must become…


Visible…within the culture and within the Body of Christ


Vibrant…in the relationship it has with Jesus, with one another, and within the cultural setting


Vital…the church must reclaim its role as a shaper, molder, and builder within the communities we minister in, both outside the walls of the church and inside the walls of the church.


As the Senior Equipping Minister of Covenant Community Church this book includes much of the philosophy of church within the culture that has been fine tuned and discovered through the years. This book is a must read for any believer that is interested in making a difference in the world around them.



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