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Leaning Forward - Podcast Channel
Posted by CCC Ministries Podcasting Team on Sep 3, 2009, 21:25



 Leaning Forward is the ongoing invitation from CCC to each of you to keep leaning forward in your journey of faith. This is a podcast that features a Bible Study designed for people on the move and in a hurry.


  1. Visit itunes at
  2. Type in the SEARCH box "Leaning Forward"
  3. When the page opens look in the podcasting section until you find Leaning Forward-CCC Ministries Podcast
  4. Subscribe to the podcast!


To Subscribe to the Leaning Forward Channel

Click Here

(As you click your LEFT mouse button, hold it down and then drag the words "click here" into wherever you download your podcasts and then release is that easy, you are subscribed!)


It is that simple and then you will able to listen to the lastest installments of leaning forward a part of our ministry.

Each episode hosted by Barbara Latimer features a challenging time of study led by Jeff Dixon as we move through God's Word and discover some insights that help us lean forward into life!

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