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Posted by CCC Ministries Podcasting Team on Dec 5, 2005, 14:11




Welcome to Soul Flex!!!

 Join Jeff Dixon, LeeAnn Stayer, Michael Simmonds, and Richard Israel for the latest series. Featuring a new series every month you are in for a good time as you make discoveries about life and faith.


As always it is unscripted, unedited, and untamed...
r u ready for a Soul Flex?



This is an unscripted and uncensored discussion of what faith should look like, listen in, and join in the conversation by e-mailing us at


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INFORMATION : What is a Soul Flex!

Soul Flex is a daily devotional that is designed to stretch, strengthen, and encourage you in your journey of faith. Along the way you will laugh a bit, find yourself pondering a few thoughts, and probably listening more than once to each podcasts to pick up the information you might have missed the first time.


Each podcast comes in at around 7-10 minutes so it is perfect for your coffee break, your commute, your quiet time, or just a few moments when you need a breath of fresh air.


There is a new series that awaits you each month. So take the time to upload the latest installments each will find yourself looking forward to joining the CCC Podcasting Crew for the latest edition of Soul Flex!



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  2. Navigate to the podcasting channel that you want to subscribe to.
  3. Click and drag the link (the one marked click here above) to subscribe to software you are using. (to drag, click and hold the left mouse button down and move your cursor from the web browser to the software and release.)



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