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Dino-Mite! Giants of the Past
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister, Covenant Community Church on Sep 6, 2005, 18:41

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Giants of the Past


The size of the dinosaurs might not seem so strange to us if we realized giants were common long ago. The world once knew giant plants, giant insects, giant pigs, giant beavers, giant rhinos—and, giant human beings, if we accept the evidence of huge human tracks in stone and enormous human skeletons which have been discovered in various parts of the world.


The now extinct hornless rhinoceros once grew to be over seventeen feet tall.

Although some men are over seven feet tall today, and occasionally there may be someone as tall as eight feet, it may have been common for humans to be much taller before the flood. According to the Bible, giants have existed since the beginning of man. There are many written records of individuals in excess of eight feet. Besides Genesis 6:4, there are additional references in the Bible describing giant men and even whole tribes or nations of giants. Since man then lived more than ten times the span of modern man, it may be true he was also significantly larger in stature.


The most well-known example of a giant in scripture is in the account of David and Goliath. Depending on the length of a cubit (17.5 in. to 20.65 in.), Goliath could have been anywhere from 9˝ to 13 feet tall. Another giant mentioned in scripture, King Og, was even larger than Goliath. King Og had a bed over 14 feet long.


Instead of being weird and unusual, giant reptiles were apparently common in early Bible days. The huge size of the dinosaurs may indicate great age. Most reptiles, differing from mammals in this respect, continue to grow until they die. If the dinosaurs were enjoying longevity of life, this would harmonize well with the biblical data suggesting men did also (Gen. 5:1)


Could it be God created man much larger than we suppose?

I don't know, but some creationists have speculated that if we proceed backward in time to the creation we might find man to be considerably larger than modern man. If this theory is correct, the giant fossils of animals and dinosaurs appearing so extremely large to us today would not have had quite the same awesome, imposing and frightful effect on the ancients if they, too, were of enormous proportions.


Since the fossil record reveals all creatures, including those now extinct, once grew to be much larger than today, were humans also much larger in the past?


It is possible, although we will probably not ever have the evidence or agree upon it to know for sure. How large could large have been? What was the average height in ancient days...way...way..back in time? Again, I have no idea, but I do get amused at those who come up with some pretty strange theories.


Now here is a question that also is a tough one to answer....

Why Did God Create Dinosaurs?


Everything God created was for a purpose. As scripture reveals, God doesn’t do anything without reason; otherwise He could not be trusted.


God’s exact purpose for the various dinosaurs is still a mystery.


One thing we can be sure of: God created the dinosaurs with the purpose of maintaining balance within nature. Maybe they were created to help thin out heavy foliage, thus providing an opportunity for smaller plants to grow among larger ones. There had to be reasons....and as we continue our series we might just be able to come to a few conclusions that we have never thought of before...


The Jurassic Adventure continues.....

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