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I am a Christian and I don't think I have ever felt or experienced his love.
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Jan 2, 2002, 20:25

In many ways the question is a heart breaking one, and I want you to understand (we all need to understand) that we have experienced God's love, and we do so on a regular basis. You experienced his love when you woke up this morning and were breathing. You experienced God's love in the sunshine and in the rain, in the beauty of the flowers, and in the sound of a child laughing. We experience God's love in all of life. The first chapter of Romans teaches that we experience God and his attributes in all of his creation. But I know that isn't what you were asking; I just wanted to remind you and everyone else who reads this.

(The following is a response that was shared privately after getting some more information about the question. This response is shared with the permission of the original recipient, and if it applies or is helpful to you, then here it is. . .)

First, think about your past. Did you grow up in a situation where you had a parent or adult figure that was never pleased, never expressed love, or never praised you? If that is the case, you are looking at God through the filter of that relationship. I know people who whence whenever I call God "father" because the earthly father they have known was always abusive, critical, or angry.

That can be remedied. Seek out and find a wise Christian counselor who can help you walk through those experiences and enable you to bring the demons of the past into the light. It is important to find a resource pool of friends, leaders, and counselors who know God and represent Him to you truthfully.

Also learn to read the Scriptures, the passages that you didn't underline. The problem is that sometimes those who are having trouble with love are attracted to those passages which seem to condemn. Read what you did not underline, check a concordance for the word 'love", and then start reading and keep reading until the lies that you have been told about God not loving you are encountered by the truth.

Now, this will sound harsh, but here goes . . .You don't feel like God love you. That is irrelevant. The fact is, the Bible teaches that God does love, and not only that, it teaches that He loved you so much He sent his son to die for you on a cross . . . .now let me move from harsh to strange, and this may sound strange. . But love is experienced in direct proportion to how much we DON'T deserve it. In fact, love in response to goodness isn't love-it is reward. The only way for love to be truly expressed and understood is in the presence of that which is not so lovely.

Don't try to tell God how unlovable you are, or how loveable you are . . .stop trying to earn God's love, you can't. Just be still and let Him love you. He does really . . .

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