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Can something happen by chance?
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Jan 2, 2002, 20:23

What are the chances of something happening by chance? My answer to that question is not a chance!

    Nothing happens by chance. I'm not sure I understand the question, so that probably means that my answer will be way of the mark, but Hey. . why not give it a shot?

    If we mean that chance can cause things, it is utterly impossible scientifically, rationally, and theologically for anything to be caused by chance. You may be wondering how I can make a statement like that. . it seems radical and in fact even bombastic (I've been wanting to use that word in a sentence) to declare that nothing could possibly happen by chance.

    The reason I say that is this: Chance is not a thing, the word chance is merely a word we use to describe possibilities. We say that a coin flips in the air-we don't don't know whether it will turn up heads or tails, but we say the chances are fifty-fifty that it will turn up heads. But chance does not have anything to do with how the coin lands. Chance has no power to influence anything-it has no power to do anything. Because chance is not a thing, it is nothing. For something to have power or influence it must first BE before it can DO. Since chance is not an entity, it has no power, and it can do nothing because it is nothing.

Now the theological follow us is simply this, since nothing happens by chance, then everything that happens. . .happens with God knowing all about
it. Everything good and bad, happy and sad. . .God knows about it. Even the choices we make, big or seemingly insignificant, God knows. . .He is in
charge of it all. If you think that things happen that surprise God, or that He is not aware of. . then you have some bigger concerns than just worrying about chance, we all do.

Something to think about

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