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He has got you!
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister, Covenant Community Church on Apr 5, 2005, 16:35

The Adventure Link
He has got you!
In Superman: The Movie, Superman first reveals his powers to the world with a dramatic rescue of Lois Lane. Lois is dangling from a cable high above the Daily Planet building. She is screaming at the top of her lungs. Just as she begins her long fall toward earth, Superman changes into his power suit and swoops up to catch her in midair. "Don't worry, Miss," he says. I've got you."

"Thanks," says Lois. "But who's got you?"

Just then a helicopter that has been parked on the edge of the building
starts to fall straight toward them and the crowd below. But Superman simply grabs it with his one free arm and gently sets both it and Lois safely back on the landing pad. When he turns to leave, Lois stammers out the words, "Who are you?"

Superman says, "A friend" and flies off just before Lois faints into a heap.

That's how we would like Christ to come to us. And that's why we often aren't paying attention when he comes in less spectacular ways.
Yet we can be confident that in every moment, every area of our life...He is with us, He holds us safely, and we can trust Him...
That truth should give you confidence to face the day ahead
The adventure continues....

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