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What In the World Are You Saying?
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Jan 2, 2002, 20:03

This is probably information that most of you already know. Yet, there may be some of you who are living your lives without these valuable pieces of information. If you are then this article is dedicated to you.

The place with the longest name in the entire United States is a lake near Webster, Massachusetts. The 2 mile square lake is called Lake Charoggagoggmanchauggauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. It is a Nipmuck Indian word that can be freely translated to mean “You fish on your side, I fish on my side, nobody fishes in the middle.”

The name has 49 letters, of which 17 are spelled with the letter g. On the Wheel of Fortune can you imagine this word being used?

“Yes Pat, I’ll take a “g” please . . .”

“There are 17 of them! Would you like to solve the puzzle?”

The lake is sometimes spelled as Chargoggugoggmonchauggagoggchaubunagungamaug. However to make it easier for everyone, the U.S. Board of Geographic Names has shortened it to Lake Chaubunagungamaug.

The U. S. Board of Geographic Names also lists the longest name of anyplace in the world as a hill in New Zealand. It might be difficult to say the 83-letter name in a single breath. The hill is simply called Taumatawhakatangihangakoautomateaturip-
. It is a Maori word meaning, “the brow of the hill where Tamatea who sailed all around the land played his nose flute to his lady love.” It doesn’t really have a nickname, but come on, why does it need one?

I’m sure you are wondering if there is a point to all of this, and I think there is. In church we use a whole lot of words that don’t make a whole lot of sense to people that don’t know a whole lot about church. (Try saying that sentence fast) We need to make very sure that we speak in ways that people can understand when it comes to matters of faith. People need to see the love of Jesus in us. The way we live, the way we act, and the things we say all count. Let’s learn to make them count in a way that honors him.

Think about it.

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